Looking to boost your Fashion blog with backlinks? You’re in the right spot to discover top strategies for link-building that work wonders for your fashion site. Remember, backlinks really matter when it comes to Google rankings. However, gathering links from trusted and relevant blogs and websites is key. To put it simply: More quality backlinks mean a higher SEO ranking. However, earning these links for your fashion blog isn’t a walk in the park. In this article, GBL will guide you through 5 practical approaches Backlink Services for fashion use to score Google-friendly backlinks. These strategies will help you stay stylishly on-trend and catch the attention of your top-notch customers.

1. Get on “Best of” Lists

Think of lists as posts that capture one person’s viewpoint, unlike crowdsourced posts. In the world of fashion, attention is like currency, making these lists a valuable space to be in. Shoppers looking for fashion items often refer to such lists before deciding. This opens up a great opportunity for you to secure a backlink and increase your brand’s visibility!

To find suitable “Best of” lists, try using search phrases like these:

  • “Top [10] best” + “fashion [niche keyword]”
  • “Best” + [fashion niche] + [year]
  • “List of top” + [fashion niche]

Backlink Services for fashion use these phrases to find guest posting opportunities. Let’s illustrate with an example using “fashion hacks” as the niche keyword:

fashion keyword

Feel free to use keywords to discover websites that align perfectly with your fashion venture.

Next, craft a concise, friendly email to the list owner. Kindly request them to showcase your site or article. It’s crucial that whatever you’re submitting is top-notch to make a positive impression.

In your outreach email, highlight your past accomplishments, products, or industry recognition. This will demonstrate your credibility and enhance your appeal.

2. Build A Network with Other Bloggers in the Fashion Sphere

You know the saying: “Your network is your net worth.” It’s absolutely true!

Building backlinks becomes a breeze when you have solid connections with fashion bloggers in your field.

It all boils down to trust. By establishing trust with fellow bloggers and influencers, you’ll naturally attract backlinks to your blog without even needing to request them.

But here’s the real puzzle: How do you actually build these positive relationships?

The answer is refreshingly simple: Approach it like making friends in real life.

Share their content, drop comments on their social media and blogs, interact with them, initiate discussions via social media or email, and show genuine appreciation for their work.

That’s how genuine industry friendships are formed.

Remember, avoid asking for favors right from the start. Focus on nurturing the connection, offering value, and only then consider seeking something in return.

3. Get High-Quality Press Releases from Trusted Backlink Services for Fashion

Let’s talk about news websites and publications – they’re not just about getting your name out there but also goldmines for top-notch links.

Before diving into strategies, here’s a heads-up: This approach is quite challenging (demanding time and money).

To start, create a list of news websites and publications frequented by your target audience.

If this is your first go and you’re not yet a big shot, it’s smarter to aim for the lesser-known news platforms rather than trying to snag links from big players like entrepreneurs or The New York Times. The reality is, without a strong, established Fashion site, the chances of scoring responses from these mega-popular news outlets are quite slim.

Once you’ve got your list, the next step is to track down the email addresses of the editors behind these publications. Reach out to them, aiming to offer something genuinely newsworthy.

For instance, you could whip up an article on a trending topic in your niche and link your blog post as a valuable resource within that article.

This is just a simple example – there’s plenty of room to brainstorm more inventive ideas that’ll catch those editor’s eyes.

4. Share Your Expertise on Popular Forums and Quora

Let’s chat about forum links – they’re pretty easy to come by. Yet, truth be told, many forum links don’t carry much weight. You see, many web forums use “no-follow” link attributes. These links don’t pass on link power, even on platforms like Quora.

However, there are still a few corners of the internet where forums offer “do-follow” link attributes. But finding these forums is no walk in the park.

Here’s the thing: Regardless of whether you land no-follow or do-follow backlinks, having some forum links in your backlink collection gives you an extra boost. Plus, forums can drive a significant flow of traffic to your blog.

Simply put, Forums are a potent tool for securing backlinks for Fashion sites! But here’s the big question – How do you uncover relevant forums?

It’s actually quite straightforward. Allow me to demonstrate! Open up Google and apply these search tweaks:

  • Keyword + forum
  • Keyword + discussion board
  • Keyword inurl:/forums

For instance, if you’re looking for fashion-related forums, plugin “Fashion + forum” and hit search.

Voila! You’ll find a wealth of forums dedicated to the fashion niche.

Now, jot down all those forum findings in a spreadsheet and dive into the discussions happening there.

Whenever your blog post adds value to the conversation, feel free to drop in your link. Just remember, no link spamming is allowed. Otherwise, you might find yourself kicked out of those forums.

5. Videos and Infographics are Your Greatest Allies

People have a soft spot for visuals – a study even found that users are drawn more to images and graphics than plain text. So, if you haven’t started crafting videos and infographics for your website, it’s high time to get going. The best part? These eye-catching assets can also snag you some quality backlinks.

Here’s a quick how-to:

  • Dig into the hottest topics in your field. Use BuzzSumo to search a keyword and uncover your niche’s most shared infographics or videos. Take a close look at a few. What makes them stand out? Your goal is to create content that outshines the rest.
  • Design an impressive infographic or video. I recommend hiring a skilled freelancer through platforms like Fiverr or Upwork for this part, though there are free online tools such as Canva or Piktochart which could assist you. When it comes to video production there’s Explaindio or VideoScribe which may come in handy too.
  • Launch and Share. Publish your infographic or video as a blog post on your site and share it across social media platforms, making sure to create an embed link so other bloggers can easily embed it on their sites – giving you an automatic backlink when used by them!

Next, drop a message to relevant blogs and websites covering similar content. If your piece is better and more up-to-date, they will likely feature it on their platforms.

Final Thoughts: Use GBL Backlink Services for Fashion to Boost Your Ranking

In conclusion, these five practical approaches offer a roadmap for scoring Google-friendly backlinks to elevate your fashion website’s visibility. By securing spots on “Best of” lists, building genuine relationships with fellow bloggers, strategically approaching news websites, engaging in meaningful discussions on forums, and leveraging the power of videos and infographics, you can not only enhance your brand’s authority but also connect with your target audience on a deeper level. Implementing these strategies will help your fashion website thrive in the competitive online landscape, ensuring you remain a stylish and sought-after destination for top-notch customers.

Now, ready to supercharge your website’s SEO? Elevate your rankings with our premium backlinks. GBL Backlink Services for fashion offer backlinks packages that are tailored to your niche, ensuring effective results. Contact us today and let’s take your SEO to new heights.