Backlinks are links pointing to your ‘money site’ from external websites. This is content where authors refer to your articles. There are several types of backlinks to be considered if you are looking to do link building.

Building backlinks can be quite a challenge for a person who has never had contact with these activities before. Still, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the company’s website.

If you want to improve your organic website traffic, read our guide and learn how to recognize good and bad backlinks, as well as what are the most common types of backlinks.

The most common types of backlinks

Editorial backlinks

This type of link attracts more natural backlinks to your website. You need to know what information you want on your website. The most important thing is that they are detailed and credible because only then do others want to connect with them.

If you want to receive editorial links, you need to create useful, informative content. In addition, try to create an original infographic with your own research results. This is quite a difficult type of backlink to obtain, but the most profitable.

Backlinks in the form of comments

Whenever you comment on a specific blog post or another community forum, you can add a link to it.

If you post relevant comments on a quality content page, you can easily add your link without any negative effects.

They may not be the best link-generation activities, but you can certainly help your business to build organic traffic in a small way.

A backlink from press releases

Most often, when your business is newsworthy and related to a specific topic, you can get backlinks from the press.

You can contact the local press to see if your site fits their requirements. However, there are many pitfalls to avoid when it comes to using press releases, as you can very quickly end up getting more popularity trouble than it’s worth.

Backlinks to specific pages on the site

Adding links to your company directory pages is a great way to get backlinks. Thanks to this, users can go directly to a specific section on your website without unnecessary searching.

Backlinks on social networks

Remember that your website gets a backlink every time you create a new business profile on social media. The purpose of these links is not to transfer knowledge but to gain trust among your readers/clients.

What are the characteristics of good and bad backlinks?

Remember that not all backlinks are good for your website. With the 2011 Penguin update, Google permanently changed the way it ranks websites based on links to them.

Google is currently very careful about what links a site receives. If they are spam or have nothing to do with the topic of the article, they won’t help you rank higher in search results.

All unnatural or spammy links are considered in violation of Google’s policies and may negatively affect your site’s ranking.

Remember that not all backlinks are created equal. For example, some search engines consider some more valuable than others.

What are good backlinks?

Good backlinks come from a relevant, high-quality site. You need to keep this in mind because one backlink from a trusted site is more valuable than thousands of backlinks from other less valuable sites.

Good-quality backlinks come from pages that rank well in search engines, have high domain authority, and contain relevant content. Strong links with Dofollow and exact match attributes, i.e., containing keywords, are also the most desirable. However, it is very important to properly configure the links, i.e., their evaluation and quality (origin from different domains with different attributes), sorting them by topic and increasing their importance over time.

How to recognize bad backlinks on a website?

Backlinks from duplicate web pages

Avoid backlinks from the same websites, as this can negatively affect your website or even block it. In addition, duplicate content on a website is a problem in itself for the company, so do not use such backlinks.

Adding backlinks to unrelated directories on the site

Adding a backlink to a website’s directory is a good idea. Still, if you add it to completely unrelated directories, it can have a negative impact on your site and its position in search results. Get relevant links so that they bring some value to others. Always add links in those directories that are relevant to your industry or users.


As you may have noticed, backlinks and content are important to search engines when evaluating rankings. Remember that one decent backlink is much better than 1000 weak ones. So, don’t generate spam and live by Google’s rules.

You should be smart about buying links, invest in creating quality content and promoting it to start generating natural backlinks.

We hope you know now about the most common types of backlinks and how to generate good backlinks on your website!

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