If you’re like most business owners, you want to do everything in your power to increase your website’s ranking. You may have heard that getting backlinks is one of the best ways to do this. But how often should you get backlinks? And where should you start? In this blog post, we will answer these questions and help you get started on building a successful backlinking strategy for your website!

What are Backlinks?

To give you a brief overview, backlinks are links that point from other websites to your website. Backlinks are also sometimes called “inbound links” or ” incoming links.”

There are two types of backlinks: dofollow and nofollow. Dofollow backlinks pass link juice and help your website’s SEO, while nofollow backlinks don’t pass link juice and don’t help with SEO. However, both types of backlinks can still be valuable for driving traffic to your website.

Factors to Consider When Deciding How Often to Get Backlinks

Now that you know a little bit more about backlinks, let’s talk about how often you should be getting them for your website. When deciding how often to get new backlinks, there are a few factors you should consider and there will not be one answer that fits all websites. Here are some of the most important factors to take into consideration.

Factor #1: Domain Authority

The first factor you should consider is your website’s Domain Authority (DA). DA is a metric that predicts how well your website will rank on search engines. The higher your DA, the more likely you are to rank high on search engines.

If you have a new website with a low DA, you will want to focus on getting more backlinks to help increase your DA. However, if you have an established website with a high DA, you won’t need as many backlinks to maintain or improve your ranking since you have already established a strong foundation. Moreover, if your website is already authoritative, other websites should start linking back to you naturally without the need for you to actively seek them out. Keep in mind that if you want people to link Back to you naturally, you need informative, well-researched content as these two things go hand-in-hand, according to Forbes.

Factor #2: Niche or Industry

The next factor you should take into consideration is your niche or industry. If you’re in a competitive industry, such as fashion, gambling or technology, you will need to work harder to get backlinks since there are more websites competing for the same keywords. On the other hand, if you’re in a less competitive industry, such as gardening or knitting, you won’t need to get as many backlinks to rank high on search engines.

This is simply because you are competing against fewer websites. Although, it is important to note that even in less saturated niches, you will still need to get high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites to rank higher on search engines.

Factor #3: How Many Backlinks Do Your Competitors Have?

No matter your industry, clearly knowing who your competitors are and what they are doing is crucial to your success. When it comes to backlinks, take a look at how many backlinks your competitors have. If they have a lot of backlinks, you will need to get more backlinks in order to compete with them.

In addition to knowing how many backlinks they have, if you are able to find out how many new backlinks they are getting per week, month, or year, this will give you a better idea of how often you need to be getting backlinks.

Of course, the number of backlinks your competitors have is just one factor to consider and you should always be monitoring your website’s SEO so that you can make changes as needed. Also, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need more backlinks than your competitor since quality should come before quantity.

How Often Should You Get Backlinks?

Now that we’ve gone over some of the factors you should take into consideration when deciding how often to get backlinks, let’s talk about a few general guidelines.

If you’re just starting out, you will need to be more aggressive in your link building efforts since you have a low DA and are starting from scratch. In this case, aim for getting at least one new backlink every week. Once your website’s DA starts to increase, you can then start to focus on quality over quantity and aim for two to three high-quality backlinks per month.

If you have an established website with a good DA, simply maintaining your current number of backlinks should be sufficient and additional backlinks should come in naturally. Of course, if you want to increase your ranking, you will need to get more backlinks. In this case, aim for two to three high-quality backlinks per month or even more if your budget permits it.

Looking to Get Backlinks for Your Website?

Now that you know how often to get backlinks, it’s time to start link building! Keep in mind that link building can be a time-consuming process and it’s important to be patient. The most important thing is to focus on quality over quantity and always keep an eye on your website’s SEO so that you can make changes as needed.

If you’re looking for help with link building, feel free to contact us today! Our team at GetBacklinks would be happy to assist you with all your link building needs. We have many link-building packages to choose from, so you can certainly find one that fits your budget.