We really want to emphasize this: if your business operates in a specific location or has a physical store, it’s crucial not to overlook local SEO. Wondering why? Because most Google searches are from people looking for info about nearby businesses. If you’re not making your business visible to them, you’re likely missing out on big chances. If you’re not familiar with local SEO or dissatisfied with how it’s going for you, don’t stress. In this guide, we will introduce you to 9 tools that local SEO companies use to improve your results.

Top 9 Tools That Local SEO Companies Use to Boost Rankings

Just having a strategy for local SEO isn’t sufficient. You also require the appropriate local SEO. Here are nine tools that local SEO companies use for their clients:

1. TrackRight

TrackRight serves as a convenient local rank tracker, catering to your essential local SEO requirements all in one place. With its local rank tracker feature, you can keep an eye on how well your business ranks in local searches for different keywords, be it in the local 3-pack or regular search results. If your business isn’t doing as well as expected for specific keywords, TrackRight offers practical suggestions to address and improve this situation.

2. Google Business Profile

To show up on local 3-pack search results, start by setting up a Google business profile (GBP). This is crucial because the local 3-pack gets a lot of clicks in Google local searches. Google filters local results based on relevance, distance, and prominence. A complete GBP helps you meet these criteria.

For relevance, ensure your online presence aligns with what users are searching for. Fill in your GBP with details like services and business hours. Use the Q&A feature to provide more information, and consider using generative AI tools like ChatGPT to anticipate and answer common questions about your service.

Adding your location in your GBP helps Google display your business to those actively seeking your service nearby. Google also considers the number of reviews your business has for prominence. Utilize GBP’s review feature to gather feedback from satisfied customers. This comprehensive approach improves your chances of ranking well in local searches. This is one of the tools that local SEO companies use the most. Yes, you’ve heard that right: every local SEO expert uses GBP.

3. GrowthBar

Creating a successful plan to improve your website’s visibility on search engines is an ongoing process. It’s not a one-time task. Regular maintenance and tracking are essential to stay relevant. Tools like GrowthBar for local SEO simplify this process.

GrowthBar is available both as a standalone tool and a convenient Chrome extension. It makes it easy to monitor the top keywords for any website. While you can use GrowthBar to track keywords on your site, most marketers go further.

You can also employ GrowthBar to track the authority of your main competitors and new players in the market. Moreover, the built-in rank tracker aids in keeping an eye on which domains often appear in certain searches. It also informs you about those ranking well for specific keywords. This tool is a valuable resource for keeping your website competitive in the online landscape.

4. BiQ

BiQ provides numerous benefits, similar to other well-known local SEO tools, but with added convenience and scale. For example, BiQ allows you to monitor rankings for up to 1000 keywords and phrases in real time. Its user-friendly interface supports multiple languages and is accessible through a convenient smartphone app, making overseeing your ongoing campaign from anywhere easy.

However, the advantages of BiQ extend beyond these features. You can utilize it to analyze keywords, generate creative ideas for your continuous content marketing efforts, and pinpoint any potential gaps between your strategy and that of your strongest competitors. The versatility of BiQ makes it a valuable tool for enhancing your online presence.

5. SEMrush Listing Management Tool

Ensuring your business website is included in top-notch online directories is crucial for increasing visibility and improving search engine rankings. Yet, updating listings can be challenging for busy marketers.

The SEMrush Listing Management Tool is an upfront and user-friendly solution. It allows you to easily check, track, and update vital information about your business across various local, national, and global directories. This tool is helpful for monitoring your business ranking in your location or any target city and staying informed about customer reviews. Simplify the process and stay on top of your online presence with the SEMrush Listing Management Tool.

6. LSIGraph

LSIGraph stands out as a popular tool for local SEO, aiding in achieving high rankings by providing access to LSI keywords. In a recent update, they enhanced user experience by offering personalized keywords for better rankings. With premium access, users can conduct unlimited searches across 100,000 locations and choose from 45 languages.

The tool’s 24/7 unlimited LSI keyword search provides comprehensive data for improving your ranking. You can easily obtain search volume data for each LSI keyword over the past year and export selected keywords as CSV and PDF files, eliminating the need for manual note-taking.

Additionally, LSIGraph offers Latent Semantic Value (LSV), identifying the most valuable keywords for higher rankings, especially those attracting traffic that converts into leads. The tool also provides exclusive white-label reports, allowing users to customize reports according to their preferences.

7. Yext

Yext offers a variety of solutions and products to boost your local SEO. It syncs with multiple directories to keep your business details current. A key tool, the Knowledge Manager, is a hub for crucial information like store hours, staff details, promotions, and locations. Yext Pages make it easy to update listings, ensuring accurate information and integrating seamlessly with the Knowledge Manager.

Yext’s Listings tool empowers you to manage all your business information on digital platforms and search engines. It supports real-time and scheduled updates, provides listing improvement suggestions, integrates with other tools, and offers analytics.

For expanding your customer base, improving online visibility, and increasing sales with an all-in-one content marketing toolkit, Yext is the ideal solution.

8. SEO Scout

SEO Scout simplifies structured data management. No worries if you’re unfamiliar with coding like Microdata, HTML, and JSON-LD. SEO Scout handles it for you, ensuring your site meets Google’s rules.

This robust local SEO tool, SEO Scout, brings you these benefits:

  • SEO Testing: Easily test and analyze potential changes on your website, such as new titles, meta descriptions, and long-tail keywords.
  • Local Rank Tracker: Keep an eye on the performance of every local keyword, uncovering new ranking opportunities.
  • Identify Technical Issues: SEO Scout helps you spot and fix weak points, from thin content to poor internal link structure, so you can climb higher in local search rankings.

9. Moz Local

Moz Local is a top choice for many businesses and marketing pros seeking effective local SEO tools. It enhances your online presence and ensures accurate business listings. This user-friendly SEO software lets you quickly update location data and keep your business profile current.

Here are some key benefits it brings:

  • Automated Listing Management: Moz sends your information to the search engines and directories your audience uses the most.
  • Analytics: Get essential key performance indicators (KPIs) like profile completeness, an online presence score, and Visibility Index.
  • Review Management: Easily monitor, read, and respond to reviews across various search engines and websites, all from a single dashboard.

So, that was it for the best tools that local SEO companies use to help their client rank. For help with local SEO, think about checking out Getbacklinks.net. We provide services to boost your small business’s visibility online. Take a look at our backlinks packages to improve your overall ranking. Contact us to learn more.