Everyone wants the secret to landing the #1 spot on Google. However, navigating the seemingly infinite sea of conflicting SEO advice online can be dauntingly complex, and unmasking effective backlink strategies may feel like an impossible quest. As backlinks are one of the key pillars of SEO, this blog attempts to address one of its central questions: how many backlinks will it take for me to win the top ranking? How Backlinks Package size should be? Unfortunately, no precise formula can determine this number; rather, there exists an array of adjustable factors which provide businesses with an approximate idea of the amount of work necessary.

Are you curious as to the number of backlinks necessary for your website to rank on the first page? Read below, and you may just discover your answer!

Homepage Brand Trust

Are You Reading GetBackLinks’ Blog Regularly? Then You Understand the Importance of Establishing trust with your homepage. Search Engine Optimization is key for building the foundation for a robust site that could rank on the first page.

Failure to establish trust on your homepage will likely result in frustration and disillusionment with regard to SEO efforts.

But you might be asking, how many backlinks must a website collect in order to build brand trust?

Building brand trust can be relatively straightforward: maintain a steady effort in acquiring backlinks directed to your homepage with branded anchor text links, just like all the large brands or sites dominating SERPs do. If you look closely enough at large brands (or websites that dominate SERPs), one common thread runs throughout them all: they all rely heavily on trust-building strategies.

They boast numerous links pointing back to their homepage, with the anchor text typically including one or more of these: brand name, URL, or variations such as “Website.com.”

They continue to attract or build links, which helps ensure they remain relevant and significant in search engines’ eyes.

These actions provide signals to Google that indicate the legitimacy of a brand and website, thus helping determine how many backlinks will be necessary to reach top rankings. So, what’s the relationship between this practice and reaching the desired top ranking?

Pages that achieve Google’s top 10 results set themselves apart by excelling in one or more of three areas: homepage brand trust, content quality, and backlink portfolio (detailed examples will be explored later on).

So, make sure that your Backlinks Package include many homepage branded backlinks.

Your Website Niche Affect the Size of the Backlinks Package it Needs

Certain niches stand out as more competitive than others, like SEO. This arena is packed with experienced practitioners familiar with all the specific tactics necessary for landing an optimal spot on Google, making this field one of the toughest to break into when competing for top rankings.

Conversely, niches like florists or pet products don’t experience the same level of competitiveness, thus necessitating different amounts of backlinks for websites in these niches than required to dominate an SEO niche.

Once a business understands its specific niche and accurately measures the competitiveness of SEO in its industry, it should have an estimate for necessary backlinks. As competition within their niche increases, so too must their backlink portfolio.

How Niche-Specific Is Your Website

Gaining rankings with fewer links than your competitors is achievable through creating an exceptional niche-specific website. Such an endeavour delves deeply into a single, specific topic; consider, for instance, the difference between a general home improvement site, and one focused solely on plumbing as an example of such an approach.

By providing relevant, informative content tailored specifically for plumbing-related keywords, a website with this niche can gain the ability to rank for them with far fewer backlinks than a general home improvement site would need.

Niche specificity can open up an abundance of opportunities. Websites dedicated exclusively to hot water heaters may experience an easier path toward ranking for hot water heater-related keywords than those covering all aspects of plumbing.

Google prefers niche-specific sites that comprehensively cover one singular topic. Remember: the greater your level of specialization, the larger and more engaged your target audience will become.

Is Your Page A Power Page or Sub-Page?

An effective power page, or non-promotional page with at least 2,000 words of content that provide exceptional value by solving an issue for its target audience, represents your premier content offering.

Why does distinguishing between standard sub-pages on your website and “power pages” matter? The key difference lies in content volume; power pages allow for greater backlink acquisition without raising suspicions of artificial manipulation.

Accumulating 100 backlinks for your plumbing services page would certainly raise Google’s suspicion, alerting them of possible manipulation. Google prioritizes genuine, authoritative content; in contrast, writing a detailed 3,000-word blog on repairing a hot water heater could easily earn 100 backlinks organically.

Businesses in this scenario can still strive to raise the rankings of sub-pages by first building backlinks to their homepage and power pages, then creating internal links from these power pages directly to services pages – this method ensures a smooth flow of SEO benefits.

So, what Backlinks Package Size Do You Need? How many backlinks to build?

Now that we understand how Google ranks websites, we can more precisely answer our own question regarding the required number of backlinks.

Should my efforts focus exclusively on building links back to my homepage?

To build brand authority with Google, it’s essential to establish brand authority through anchor backlinks pointing specifically to your homepage. Failing to secure Google’s recognition as a legitimate brand may result in lower rankings for your pages.

To achieve our purpose, how many links are necessary?

Your niche is often the key factor, but regardless of its focus, you must engage in regular backlink-building campaigns for your homepage, regardless of its subject matter.

But how about linking to internal pages?

An effective way of quickly discovering this answer is via a Google search for the keyword phrase you wish to rank for, followed by an analysis of its top 10 results and their backlink profiles (both homepage backlinks and those directed towards pages currently holding ranking positions). The trick is to build the same number of backlinks as the top 10 competing websites. Of course, don’t do it blindly. Instead, consider the factors we explained above).

If you don’t have the time or the knowledge to handle your website’s backlinking, you can always try our Backlinks Package size. After we audit your site, we choose the right package for your SEO needs. Contact us for more details.