You can be a brand with the best services and products in your field, but if people are unaware of your brand, you will find it hard to reach your target. Of course, it is entirely understandable if you were unaware of this. Still, you definitely need a strategy to enhance your brand awareness. And user-generated content is here to help.

So, let’s understand how we can create a brand awareness strategy to boost your brand in 2022.

Stepwise User-Generated Content Strategy For Brand Awareness

Create A Hashtag Social Media Campaign

A hashtag social media campaign is the first step you should take to enhance brand awareness. There are reasons behind this, as hashtags and social media are brilliant in boosting businesses, given the audience engagement they generate.

We suggest you run separate hashtag campaigns on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. This is important since every social media platform has a separate set of audiences. Reaching them separately would be ideal for your marketing campaign.

You can start by creating a hashtag around your brand’s name. Try to keep it short and memorable. Then, promote it on various social media platforms through contests, stories, bio profiles, etc. Promoting your hashtag on social media platforms is highly important since the more people use it, the more user-generated content will be created around it.

Now let’s understand how user-generated content can come into use.

Showcase User-generated Content Through Social Media Walls

User-generated content is the lynchpin of marketing campaigns; given the benefits, it brings social proof, brand awareness, word-of-mouth marketing, audience engagement, etc.

After you have promoted user-generated content on social media platforms and asked people to use the hashtag in their content, it would have generated a good amount of user-generated content.

This user-generated content can enhance your brand awareness by being displayed on social walls. Best social walls can be used to display real-time social content on digital screens that can be used across multiple marketing touchpoints such as events, product launches, car expos, music concerts, sporting events, etc.

Collaborate With Your Niche’s Bloggers

Assume you are prepared with content and have contacted others in your niche. It could be time to launch a blog that will increase your authority and let you work with other prominent personalities in your niche.

By guest blogging and working online with like-minded firms, you can benefit from their audience. You will be able to connect with a more significant portion of your target market in this manner. Additionally, you can present your goods to a group of people who are already interested in what you offer.

Create Your Own Identity

When we say “I’m loving it,” you’ll understand precisely what we mean. The phrases “Just do it” and “Because you’re worth it” come in the same bracket.

While it will take time for your brand to become as well-known as McDonald’s, you can undoubtedly develop a catchphrase that will act as your mission statement. Developing your slogan can help you build brand awareness and make your job easier.

Just be sure to produce something that directly corresponds to how clients may feel after using your product or service.

Turn To Referral Marketing

It could seem that this wouldn’t be your first priority. And while you’re right, referral marketing is an excellent approach to finding potential customers without exerting any effort.

With a small incentive, go out to your current consumers and transform them into brand ambassadors. You can design a landing page for this campaign and include a video testimonial to show each new subscriber how others have used your product.

Don’t assume that this brand recognition strategy can only be used by large brands because the incentive you’re going to provide doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, you can always forgo delivery charges or substitute a discount coupon good for a specified amount.

Tie Up With Other Brands & Influencers

By collaborating with businesses and influencers in your sector to create content, you can increase the number of people in your ideal audience.

You could co-host an Instagram live with your favorite influencer instead of sending out cold emails. Attempt blind outreach or collaborate on content creation with a company whose goods match your own.

You may increase brand recognition by putting a cooperative marketing strategy into place. By default, it will reach more individuals, including those who initially appear to not meet your desired consumer persona.

Wrapping Up on User-Generated Content!

Building brand awareness is a must for every brand as it puts it on the map. Creating unique products and services is essential, but one should be focused on bringing the brand in front of a large number of people.

This is where brand awareness strategy comes in. We have created this brand awareness strategy that would definitely help you get in the eyes of people. We are certain that it will bring the success that you desire.


This article was submitted by: Prakash Rawat, a savvy digital marketing specialist. For the past two years, he has been specializing in SEO, PPC & Marketing Strategy. He has a super sharp analytical mind and a finely tuned creative eye for marketing initiatives that optimize brands. You can reach out to him on Linkedin.