Sometimes, you’ve got to look to the big boys to gain some inspiration when it comes to link building. Wise is a good example of a mid-size company that used their own resources and a little ingenuity to create a widespread backlink profile that will serve them well for years to come. This is especially impressive because they completely rebranded themselves, changing their name from TransferWise to Wise in March 2021. To become the highly-ranked site they are, they utilized multiple approaches such as building scalable landing page templates and optimizing a huge number of landing pages, creating a custom CMS tailored to make their SEO more effective, optimizing their content for featured snippets, and, most impressively, migrating millions of pages to their new domain without a hiccup. However, we’re going to focus on how they managed to build a huge number of quality backlinks.

Attracting Links Through Valuable Products

As a purveyor of quick international money transfers operating multiple currency accounts, Wise has a valuable product that people can’t get anywhere else. Sound like anyone you know? Okay, maybe not the product itself, but if you offer a product or service that’s hard to come by elsewhere, you’ve already got the ingredients to build a bunch of strong backlinks. In fact, you don’t even really have to lift a finger. Bloggers, media organizations, business directories, online shopping sites and the like are going to link to you simply because you’ve got the go-to product in your market. That’s the easiest kind of link building when you can just sit back and let the links collect naturally.

However, there’s nothing wrong with creating some public relations campaigns to spur some more backlink activity.

Utilizing Punchy PR To Create Buzz

You may think your products or services speak for themselves and thus there’s no need to get all flashy and create silly videos or the like. Well, that’s probably true. However, flashy videos get you notice, and notice equals backlinks. Add to that the fact that the publications that are likely to notice your antics have high domain authority scores themselves, and it turns out that getting cute with your PR can pay huge dividends beyond attracting immediate traffic.

Beyond this fluffy stuff, you’re always on solid ground advocating for what you stand for. Among other avenues, Wise did this by starting an online petition against hidden fees for foreign currency transactions. Is there anything that regularly occurs in your industry that raises your hackles and makes you clench your teeth? Why not take a stand, shine a light on it and try to put an end to it? It may not make you any friends with companies that engage in this behavior, but if it’s an underhanded tactic, you probably don’t want to be friends with them, anyway. Meantime, your efforts are sure to attract notice from publications that monitor your niche. This will give you even more relevant backlinks than a more glitzy or humorous PR campaign would.

Maintaining Affiliate Programs

Wise used tried and true monetary rewards to incentivize friends to invite friends to try out their service as they were getting started. While it has nothing to do with backlinking, such a strategy could help you as well. More to the point, some companies like Wise also created affiliate programs for website owners whereby they received rewards for sharing their affiliate links with site visitors. Since these are “Nofollow” links, they’re not going to do much for your backlink profile, but they will serve to spread word about what you’re doing through relevant communities. This, in turn, can spur backlinks that will have some value.

Link Building is The Name of the Game

All of these strategies taken together can seriously ramp up your backlink profile. However, they all may not be as easy to implement as it sounds. If you’d rather leave the link building to the pros who know it best, let us help. Our team of experts has spent years accumulating expertise in building out solid backlink profiles for all types of businesses, and they’re standing by to work with you today. Try us to get started!

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