Every day Google analyzes billions of links from websites all around the world and keeps track of which ones work best for their users. So, every time someone links to one of your articles or blog posts, it’s essentially saying “Hey look at what this guy has, he might have something useful”. For this reason, having backlinks is an absolute must for website owners all around the world. Whether you own a tiny website or a massive one like Forbes or New York Times, having backlinks is an essential when it comes to website success.

In this article, we will reveal the benefits of having backlinks and 6 different reasons why you should certainly not overlook backlinks for your business website!

6 Ways Backlinks Help Your Business

When it comes to backlinks, there are so many reasons businesses need them and ways for you to benefit from. Let’s explore 6 of the many ways backlinks can help your business strive.

1.      Rankings in Search Engines

PageRank (PR) has always been the most popular metric used by search engines to rank websites, but it’s not updated anymore. So, if your main goal is to increase traffic through SEO you will need to find more effective ways of doing so; Google uses over 200 signals known as “factors” when ranking sites on its search results page. Nowadays, building quality backlinks play an important role in increasing domain authority and, thus, your rankings.

2.      Brand Building & Awareness

Another reason why you should focus on backlinks is because it helps build brand awareness for your company. If other people are talking about you online through their blogs, then that’s great! That’s the way to get your name out there, building trust and authority for your business which will be beneficial in the long run.

3.      More Traffic

It is clear that one of the key goals of any start-up or business would be to drive more traffic to their site. With backlinks you can achieve this goal. By creating unique content with valuable information, blogging about topics related to your niche, writing reviews etc., you can obtain quality backlinks pointing towards your site which will consequently drive more traffic.

4.      Establish Trust

Inbound links from your peers and authority sites are a great way to establish trust in Google’s eyes and help increase your ranking for specific keywords. On the same note, if you want people to start trusting and sharing your content it has to be amazing; informative; useful; engaging… basically everything quality! If you provide valuable information through your blog posts, write well researched articles etc., people will start linking to them by writing blog posts or leaving comments on other places online such as forums, Q/A websites like Quora, Yahoo answers etc.

5.      More Sales

The reason why having quality backlinks is important is because they can actually bring you more sales. When you generate links to your site by writing blog posts, guest blogging or commenting on other blogs people will see them and they might click on them! That’s the goal, right? If you want to be successful with your business then you need to generate leads, create an email list etc., backlinks are the holy grail of online marketing because it gets people directly to your site. You can also offer products or services that help others which they will most likely buy!

6.      Replicate Authority

If you want others to link to you then why not do the same for others? Focus on quality, not quantity. If you want to stand out in a sea of content, then you’ll have to put in extra effort into providing the best information to your readers. After all, if it’s for everyone’s benefit then bring people value and they’ll do the same for you!

Are Backlinks Affordable?

As a business owner, it is completely normal to wonder if backlinks can be afforded. Small businesses in particular often work on tight budgets and only spend money where absolutely money. As much as some people may try to avoid it, backlinks are certainly one of the things your business simply cannot skip. If there is anything your business cannot afford, it is to forget about backlinks. Despite the initial investment that comes with purchasing backlinks, the benefits that come from them make it all worth the investment. In fact, backlinks are a great way to get more out of it than what you invested as backlinks can turn into profit when your website traffic increases, resulting in more clients and a higher profit overall.

Get Your Backlinks Today

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