Getting backlinks is one of the main factors in you ranking. In this guide from, you’ll learn 6 smart ways to get quality backlinks for free.

Get Backlinks for free with Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to get backlinks for free and to make your mark on the internet. You’re tapping into an already established audience and interacting with other people in your niche. Guest blogging can help you increase your social media followers, build quality backlinks, and get more traffic.

If you’re writing a guest post, make sure it’s of high quality. Avoid making spammy or poorly written posts. This will most likely be penalized sooner or later by Google. Guest blog content must be at least as good as what you post on your own site. This method takes hard work, but it also benefits your website greatly.

To find guest blogging opportunities, you can google the following keywords:

  • Your keyword + contribution
  • Your keyword + post
  • Your keyword + guest posts
  • Your keyword + write for us

Infographics, a way to Get Backlinks for free

Another way to get backlinks for free is doing infographics. In recent years, infographics have become one of the most popular link-building methods. The demand for infographics has skyrocketed lately. That’s because they’re not only great for building backlinks but also for driving traffic on social media (infographics are popular and widely shared). Even if you’re not a designer, that doesn’t have to stop you from creating infographics. Use Canva or hire someone on Fiverr or Dribbble to do it.

Once you’ve published an infographic on your website, you can submit it to popular infographic directories. Another good method is to search Twitter for people who have shared similar infographics in the past. You can then ask these people for feedback. They might even share and link to your infographic on social media.


Websites in virtually every niche offer expert interviews. If you are not established or well-known enough to receive an invitation, you should approach interviewers yourself and convince them to choose you for an interview. Sites that share interviews are always looking for excellent content. Therefore, the chances are good that you will be accepted. You can also link to your website with your answers from the interview.

Broken link building

A lesser-known method of building backlinks is “broken link building.” This strategy involves finding 404 errors or similar issues on a blogger’s website and politely notifying them. Since you’re basically doing them a favor by pointing this out, they might reciprocate and link to your site.

You can find broken links with tools such as the Check My Links Google Chrome extension. Once you find broken links, contact the webmaster and let them know about the problem. Make sure you provide clear instructions so the error can be fixed quickly. Then you can take the initiative and propose to change the old link with your link.

Submit your website to startup directories

This tip applies if you are just starting your business. The good news is that there are countless directories to which you can submit your website. One popular option is BetaList, a directory that focuses on early-stage Internet startups. Signing up is free, but you can pay a small fee to speed up the process and ensure your startup gets listed. If your startup is not eligible for listing on BetaList, don’t panic. Many other startup directories with high domain authority will accept your application instead.

Number one tip to create the links the right way: Mimic your competitor’s best backlinks

You can quickly get a list of your competitor’s backlinks – this information is readily available. Once you have that list, try copying their best backlinks. This is a clever way to discover new link-building opportunities and can significantly improve your SEO. The first step is to choose your main competitors (sites that rank in the top five for your main keywords). If they rank ahead of you, they have a better link profile and quality backlinks. In the next step, analyze your backlinks.

There are also numerous SEO tools for this, such as Monitor Backlinks. You plug your main competitors into the tool and then use the metrics it provides to see which links are worth copying. Don’t try to copy all the links because even the best websites have weak links. Instead, focus on high authority links. In general, the harder it is to get a backlink from a site, the higher its value. You can also analyze a domain’s value using Ahrefs Domain Rating and Moz Domain Authority. Try to find out how these websites link to third-party websites.

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