All website owners ask this question at a particular stage of their website’s life: How do I get SEO backlinks to rank safely on search engines? The best way to get SEO backlinks that are high quality is to create high-quality content; that will attract a lot of blog owners who will link back to you. Infographics are one of the best content formats to get SEO backlinks.

Infographics, or guestographics, can be used to build links in four easy steps.

Step 1. Find articles with a list of topics that are already driving some organic traffic but do not have an infographic

Many great pieces of web content are already available, but they may be lacking in visual appeal. List-based articles are ideal for creating quick infographics because they can be easily formatted.

Thanks to the cheap infographics’ makers, you can easily create an infographic template to fit any list. You just click on the text to edit it and then click the icons and illustrations to replace them.

Use a tool such as Ahrefs or SEMrush in order to find out what content is available.

Use Ahrefs Content Explorer to find articles that already have some organic traffic and include “X number tips for _____” in the title.

Then we can look at a small portion of the articles and see which don’t have infographics or are very text-heavy.

Here’s an example of a Mayo Clinic article on how to manage anger. The article below is a text-heavy piece, but it’s formatted to fit into an infographic template for ’10 Tips.’

Searching for titles with variations in numbers can yield similar results.

Step 2: Present your Guestographics and request an outline from the site editors

When discussing guestographics and SEO, we are often asked how to scale this process.

The constant back and forth you have with the person to whom you are pitching your guestographic is a common time waster.

We’ve found it useful to request an outline of what content will be included in the infographic up-front. This is because, in most cases, the outline will be controlled by you alone. However, once you submit it to the editor or site owner for review, you may find that they make some small changes.

This can result in a much longer turnaround time and frustration for both you and the person to whom you are pitching.

Asking for an outline in advance is a good idea. This will help you to ensure that your infographic is well received by the site for which you are creating it.

Step 3. Use an infographic maker to get SEO backlinks from an infographic

There are many ways to create your guestographics. However, hiring a graphic designer full-time can be expensive. The median salary in the United States costs around $45,000 per year.

You can instead use an infographic maker and select from a variety of professionally designed drag-and-drop templates in order to change the text, fonts, and colors with a single click.

Even a small marketing team at a shop can create a variety of guestographics within a few hours. This is much faster than waiting weeks for a designer to produce an infographic.

Step 4: Get SEO backlinks to increase SEO traffic by completing your Guestographic

Once you have your guestographic completed, send it to the editor of the site for final approval.

You should also include a brief explanation of how you want to be credited in the article when you send back your infographic. You should let them know the type of anchor text and link you would like, or they may not provide it in an optimized manner.

Guestographics are a great way to create natural links for pages that are more focused on sales. This strategy is best used for landing pages geared more toward demand generation. Start with pages that have a more transactional intent, as they are often referred to naturally.

Takeaway: Guestographics is the best backlinking strategy

There you have it. This is a simple but effective way of driving high-quality links to your site. Mini infographics are perfect for increasing your on-page search engine optimization and driving traffic to your site.

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Q: What are the advantages of guestographics?

A: Among their many benefits are increasing your website’s backlink profile, increasing brand visibility, and driving traffic directly to it. In addition, guestographics can establish you as an authority within your industry.

Q: What are some effective guestographics strategies?

A: Some key strategies for developing guestographics include selecting topics relevant and interesting to your target audience, using high-quality data and statistics, designing an eye-catching infographic that is easy to read, and providing a clear call to action within its accompanying text.

Q: How can I evaluate the success of my guestographics?

A: To assess the success of your guestographics, measure its impact by tracking backlinks to your website, traffic to your site, and any increases in social media engagement or brand mentions. Google Analytics can be used as another measure.