As always, to get backlinks, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe. There is much more of a bouquet of quality features, systemic close-ups, and quantitative factors that will help you to position yourself in the industry. We would like to inform you about the foundation of link building and name specific linkable assets that you can include in your strategy.

Content is still king: Create linkable assets to get backlinks for free

The basis for link building and the real challenge lies in the regular production of content whose quality is unparalleled in your niche. This content has a descriptive name:

Linkable assets are content of any kind that is particularly relevant for your target group, stands out from the crowd thanks to its uniqueness, and is therefore linked and clicked more often in a very natural way. In order to create such killer content, however, you have to know exactly what your users need, what problems they are dealing with, or how you provide great entertainment.

The following reasons usually serve as clues as to why other webmasters voluntarily link to your content:

  • The content offers a solution to a specific problem
  • The asset offers a special perspective on a specific topic
  • You offer a special tool, gadget, or goodie
  • You can entertain your audience in a very special way
  • You inspire your target audience
  • The content is educational and has ingenious hacks up its sleeve

Linkable assets are not short-format texts that are quickly put together but very extensive guides, elaborate graphics, mini-applications, or video tutorials. The creation of such content is, therefore, very time-consuming and hardly possible without technical expertise.

But in your business, you are the experts, so out with it. Use your expertise and give your expert status an official character.

The content that meets these criteria is also called a pillar content. As a rule, it is sufficient for the first time if you produce a handful of pillar content and then enjoy the success over a longer period of time. As already mentioned, the marketing runs according to the cash cow principle without any great effort. But of course, even more through standardized and permanent content marketing.

Based on the clues listed above, the principle works primarily for the following assets:


Infographics are marvels of information design with great entertainment value. Even complex data can be visualized in an appealing way. That’s exactly why they are perfect tools to get your expertise on the internet, get backlinks and increase your awareness. In addition, they can be shared on social media, and reach more potential link providers.

Online tools & calculators

Small tools and calculators are other assets that will get free links naturally, especially if it’s a very useful and well-designed tool. For example, a tool for check backlinks profile for free (there are a lot of paid ones, but not everyone can afford them).


Rankings and top 10 list articles have a magnetic effect when it comes to getting links for your content. For example, entrepreneurs who are in the process of setting up a corporate blog and come across the following headline: The 38 Best Corporate Blogs, will definitely click on the article to get inspired and come back if more in-depth information is needed, or a paid service can no longer be imagined without.

Studies & white papers

You can get backlinks easily through studies that you run and publish on your site. Verifiable figures or new findings in the form of studies are excellent options that are often linked. However, the prerequisite for creating these link magnets is a high budget and an already established authority in certain industries.

Product samples & goodies

A proven alternative for the much more complex creation of infographics, studies, or mini-tools is to offer free goodies or smaller services and get backlinks in exchange. There are no limits to your creativity here and even small freebies show their effect. For example, you can send a free goodies basket to a blog owner in your niche; ask them to try your product and write a review about it. Also, ask them to kindly point back to you site, and voilà.

Like the other assets, goodies are not only a wonderful way to expand the backlink profile but also serve as a lead magnet for your target group.


With the help of a glossary, you can not only explain your world but also use it to generate links by providing non-sales information that people are happy to link to. They are also a great way to improve your internal linking.

Here you can also find everything that makes up your market and has ranking quality: keywords, expertise, and material for new content. Of course, it also pays to keep a glossary up to date and add more long-tail keywords and trends.


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