How Paying Attention to What Your Prospects Are Searching for Can Help You Build a Massive Backlink Profile

Are you in a highly competitive niche, and you lack the monetary firepower that your competition can dedicate to their SEO and marketing campaigns? Join the club. The web is littered with many companies that found themselves facing this steep climb and were never able to gain traction.

However, with enough persistence, sometimes you can discover an area which your rivals somehow overlook. Such was the case for a small hosting provider trying to slog it out with the big boys like HostGator and GoDaddy and find a way to differentiate themselves from the pack. Their marketing team stumbled onto the fact that while over 10,000 people were searching the web for the term “DDoS attacks” every month, none of the major players had bothered to write any content in this area. This was a golden opportunity for this company to   leverage their unique position to become a heavily linked-to resource for information on DDoS attacks.

One thing they had to do first was narrow their focus a little. Rather than going for the major keywords like “website hosting,” they specialized their campaign to the more niche but still widely sought after “secure website hosting” and derivatives thereof. This required performing some housekeeping such as revising title tags, meta descriptions, and inlinks, but automatically thinned the competition a bit. They also took the time to fix broken links, which is critical to maintaining domain authority.

Setting The Backlinking Bait

These days, it’s become clear that quality over quantity always wins when it comes to content. So, they took that road when creating their blog post centered around how to prevent DDoS attacks from disabling a website. Of course, this article not only had to be engaging to humans but to search engines as well.

A company called Backlinko conducted a study in 2020 which determined that the total number of websites linking to your website had the highest correlation to a high search engine ranking. With that info in hand, it was clear that their overarching goal must be to find relevant, high-authority websites to link back to their article.

Shopping Around for Backlinks

The easiest way to do this was to find higher-authority websites that linked to similar articles and see if their owners would mine linking to this new blog post as well. Thanks to the power of today’s tools, it didn’t take long until they had amassed 1,000 bloggers who had written or linked to quality articles on this topic. Then, all they had to do was share their article with these people and ask them to link back to it.

Three months later, they ended up with a solid 43 total backlinks from 15 unique websites along with countless shares on social media. The result was a 55.9% increase in organic traffic and a jump in overall website traffic of 35.6%. All that from one manual outreach campaign.

Surprise Your Competition

Are you in a similar situation to this hosting company – trying to stand out in a super-competitive market amongst companies with far more money to throw around? Contact today, and let’s see what we can do to level the playing field and raise your SERP in less time than you’d think.


Source: B2B link building case study

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