Website operators and also SEOs still invest a lot of time in sustainable and healthy link-building. No wonder because still, the link profile is an important ranking factor for Google. When you buy backlinks packages, the possibilities to build high-quality links are still enormously diverse; they range from business directory links and forums links to editorial articles, links in magazines and link building via influencers who test and report about one’s own product. The possibilities seem endless.

However, should you buy backlink packages that include links from expired domains? Do you think this is shady and not the right way to do SEO? Not at all. We are not talking about Black Hat SEO to get links but using a slightly different way of link building that is still White Hat.

In this guide, we will talk about why and how to use expired domains.

What are Expired or Expiring Domains?

Expired domains are domains that are no longer registered because the old owner no longer needs them or has failed to renew the registration. Expiring domains are still in the deletion phase, but this is not yet completed.

Buy backlink packages: Should Expired domains be part of your strategy?

Expired or expiring domains offer a multitude of possibilities for link building if the appropriate conditions are created. So, yes, when you buy backlink packages, throw one or two expired backlinks to the mix if your SEO provider is offering it (the number of expired backlinks depends on your backlinks profile).

Requirements for the purchase of an Expiring or Expired Domain

If you plan to use a deleted domain or a domain in the deletion process for link building, you should consider a few things so that the project leads to success.

In order to find suitable expired domains or expiring domains, it is best to turn to corresponding online services that offer expired/expiring domain services. There are quite a few of them on the Internet, but some of them are also subject to a fee. Manual registration of an Expiring Domain is usually impossible because this takes too long, and the domain is usually already out of stock by then.

You have better chances with a so-called domain snatching tool or via a “backorder service.” In both cases, the registration takes place automatically and within seconds. Especially with the high-value domains, a bit of luck is required in addition to speed in order to get ahead of the competition.

If you decide to buy an expired domain, it is recommended to buy a pre-release domain because the registration period has just ended. Therefore, there is still enough power to use this domain optimally for link building.

3 link building options for expired domains

There are several ways you can use expired domains for backlink building:

  • Redirect links from the expired domain: The first thing to do is to re-register the Expired Domain. The old URL can remain. Then, the links of the newly registered domains must be redirected to the domain you want to optimize, preferably via a 301 redirect.
  • Optimize expired domain: After registering it, you can optimize it by filling it with suitable content. When the page has enough good content and works technically flawlessly, it can be used for link building. This method is very costly but can still be effective. Again, you have the expired domain links that can support the newly built domain’s backlink profile and improve the ranking. Of course, this only works if the links still fit thematically to the newly created website.
  • Reach out to the site owner and get a backlink (no registration required): In this case, the expired domain does not need to be re-registered. Instead, you can find existing backlinks to the expired domain and write to the webmasters of the linking sites. First, you point out to them that the old domain is no longer registered but that you have your own domain, which fits very well with the topic. Then you ask them to link to your content instead. In this way, you have completely transferred the backlink juice that the expired domain was getting to your own domain. This procedure is also time-consuming but saves money because you can save the costs for a new registration of the expired domain.


SEO is always a process of trial and error. Of course, you always risk falling flat on your face. However, the risk can be significantly minimized if you proceed wisely and conscientiously. Then even a somewhat risky project like that of the expired domains can be quite successful for your own backlink building.

If you just don’t have the time for trial and error, or you just don’t want to risk your business, leave it to Getbacklinks team. Whether you are an insurance company or a shoes business owner, contact us today to buy backlinks packages that are tailored to your SEO needs.