Why My Website Is Not Showing On Google - 6 Reasons You Must Know

Why my website is not showing on Google?

by GetBacklinks.net July 18, 2019

Why my website is not showing on Google?

Why my website is not showing on Google? It’s a good question everybody often asks.

Did you launch your website a few months or years back and still struggling to see in on the top of the Google search, then you should read this post.

If you launched your website a couple of months ago and still do not see it coming out in any search result, do not despair. It is normal.

When it comes to web pages with a new domain, normally Google takes it easy.

In fact, we think it is not official, but it is widely demonstrated that all new domains suffer a kind of “penalty” by Google for a period ranging from 3 to 6 months.

The point is that it is a kind of journey through the desert that we all have to travel.

A quick check that you can do to know if Google has indexed your website is simply search by the name of your company, brand, your name, your website name, etc. If it appears, it’s good news. It means that at least Google has visited your website and indexed it in its database. But nothing more.

If your website does not even appear when searching for it by your name, it is that you have not even known that you exist.

But what is the best and quick way for a good Google ranking?

Well, we must say that if you are in search of the easiest and quickest way to boost your ranking on Google search, then you must buy high-quality backlinks. This is the best key to see your site on the top of the list within 8 weeks if you buy from GetBacklinks.net .

Let us show you about this best key – Backlinks.

About Backlinks:

Since the creation of Google, the links that a website obtains from other web pages has been the central axis of its algorithm. And that to this day has not changed. Therefore, it is very important to achieve backlinks that point to your web page. Not all links are worth the same. In general, you are interested in links to web pages with good authority, if they can be related to the theme of your website.

And how can we differentiate the authority of one website from another?

Well, very easy. It is not the same as a link to the online newspaper the world that your cousin’s blog that only four cats follow.

It’s something extreme, but it’s for you to see the difference. A single link that comes from the right place and platform such as getbacklinks.net can have much more value than 10,000 links from mediocre sites.

Therefore, backlinks are part of the positioning factors of Google, since they influence both the PageRank and the site’s authority.

There are several types of backlinks. It is important to know well what each of them serves before starting a strategy. Here are the main ones:

1.Link Juice:

These links bring the reader of a web page to one of your articles or home page of the site or blog, thus contributing to the ranking of the page on the search sites.

2.Nofollow Links:

This is the following situation: when one site is linked to another, but the link has a “no follow” tag, the connection with it does not happen completely.

3.Dofollow Links:

Unlike nofollow links, dofollows allow all the links added to your blog to work as valid backlinks.

4.Root Domains Links:

It refers to the number of backlinks that arrive at your site from a single domain. That being the case, even if the site has a dozen links pointing to your blog, only one will be considered.

5.Low-Quality Links:

They represent low-quality links for your blog. Generally, they originate from site directories, spam sites, pornographic sites and when you buy backlinks.

Due to the low relevance of the links, they can harm your effort to improve the positioning of the blog.

6.Internal Links:

These are links that go from one page to another within the same domain. Internal links allow you to connect your own pages with relevant topics, which keep the reader on the blog longer.

So How To Fix “Why my website is not showing on Google?” Fast And Safe?

If you don’t have time and resource to building backlinks for your website so you just want to boost your website ranking and online business & if you want to see your website on the top of the Google Search result in the next few weeks, you just need to buy high-quality backlinks from getbacklinks.net and boost your website ranking in 8 weeks.

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