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Where to Purchase high-quality backlinks?

by GetBacklinks.net July 17, 2019

Where to Purchase high-quality backlinks?

If you are wondering how you can purchase backlinks for your website, then you are on the right track to position your website. Clearly getting quality backlinks is what will take you to position your website, and what is better, sooner and faster than your competitors.

For this, in this article, we are going to tell you where you can purchase high-quality backlinks. We will also mention one of the best sites to get backlinks. Read on to get all the details.

The million-dollar question is: How do I know if a link is quality or not?

Well, to know if a link is a quality we must take into account the following factors:

Is the web that will generate the link is aligned with our website? That is if our website talks about tennis racquets and we put a link on a website that sells baby products, clearly, they will not be aligned and we will not get a quality link.

Is the web that will put the link or quality backlink? It is very important to take this factor into account. If we get a link to a web that is not important to Google, then clearly the link will not be of great quality.

Backlinks are not the same as if we get a link on a website such as a newspaper of national circulation or on a website positioned in our market and that receives many visits due to its good positioning in Google.

Where will it be located in the link?

Google know perfectly analyze the different parts of a web page (header, footer, sidebars, comments, main article, etc). Well, the quality of the link will not be the same if this is in the comments or a sidebar that is in the main article of the page.

And do not you think that the backlink or link will have more quality if the link is at the beginning of the article before the end? Well, this also has to be taken into account to know if we put a quality link.

Is it the Do follow or No follow link? In the previous example of the full anchor web, I used to give you an example of the HTML code of a Do follows the link. This for Google means that you recommend 100% the content of that article.

Will it be the permanent link or will it disappear with the passage of time? There are websites that publish content and as time passes it is being erased to make room for new content. It is important that your article lasts overtime to get a quality link.

Purchase high-quality backlinks easy or not?

Get spam links or get quality backlinks:

Until now the theory seems easy and simple, but when putting it into practice is not so easy to get quality links, and this is where many agencies or companies fail because they spend a lot of time getting links but they are not qualified.

To get quality links there are many techniques, of which the most commonly known are:

  • Guest posting or publish articles in blogs related to your topic.
  • Write articles on your own website of great quality and share them on social networks and with your contacts so that people generate links organically.
  • Press notes personalized by means of not repeating content.
  • Creation of rankings and prizes that people love to link.
  • Conducting interviews with bloggers, media and companies.
  • Conducting surveys and publishing the results. People love the data.

In short, there are many ways to get quality links and these that I have told you are some of the most popular, but the bad thing about all this is that each sector and business has its own keys and strategies to follow to get quality backlinks which is time taking and extremely tough.

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