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Where to Buy Dofollow Backlinks?

by GetBacklinks.net July 18, 2019

Where to Buy Dofollow Backlinks?

Have you ever planned to buy Dofollow backlinks to improve the positioning of your website? If so, you have doubts about whether or not it is punishable, if it benefits the SEO, etc. or you want to know what is the correct way to integrate it into your SEO off-page strategy? And many other questions! Read on. Here we have provided a complete detail.

Get backlinks is still one of the most common practices among the web to obtain quality backlinks.

This is largely due to the lack of time, the difficult access to quality links or the fact that the SEO off-page or set of techniques aimed at obtaining incoming links, is still one of the most influential web positioning factors.

Therefore, in this article, we tell you:

where to buy Dofollow backlinks?

Do you favor buying links to the positioning of your website?

The value of an incoming link to a website could be equated to a recommendation.

For example, that a newspaper, which is a web of authority and prestige, links some content of your site, could be interpreted as that this linked page is valuable, useful, trustworthy, etc. or this is how Google will rank it by ranking it with a better organic position on the search results pages.

Advantages of buying links:

Time-saving: Normally the tasks of SEO off-page are delegated by the lack of time or by the effort involved. To buy dofollow backlinks is faster than using other SEO techniques off-page such as guest blogging or the creation of manual links.

Obtaining quality links: This type of platform allows us to access links from more relevant websites that will have an impact on the improvement of positioning.

Rapidity in obtaining results: This is the main advantage as long as it is carried out in the correct way, following a thoughtful strategy.

Steps to follow when buying links:

What type of links do I choose? Do Follow / Nofollow:

The Nofollow tag came up to prevent spam in blog comments, that is, to suggest to Google not to follow a link or to tell you that you do not necessarily trust the page you link to. It did not arise to manipulate the internal PageRank or for other purposes.

Another aspect to keep in mind when you use the nofollow tag is that the Page Rank of a nofollow link is lost, that is, if you put 2 links in an article and one of them is nofollow, this authority is lost or consumed. Therefore, the other link in the article, the “dofollow” will only transfer half of the Page Rank to the linked page.

Even so, having nofollow inbound links grants naturalness to the SEO off-page strategy, which is something that Google values.

Therefore, although we do not know exactly if Google values the nofollow links, it is better to concentrate our efforts on buying dofollow backlinks, since the rest could end up coming naturally.

How many Do follow backlinks should I buy for my website?

This is one of the most frequent questions when get backlinks and there is no one valid answer for any project. Each case must be analyzed carefully. Although it depends to a large extent on:

  • Age of the page.
  • Brand visibility.
  • The sector in which it operates.

An SEO off-page strategy should be governed by naturalness. Many people say that no more than a certain number of links should be obtained per month, but a general rule cannot be established.

If we stop to think about it, when you work for a recognized, prestigious, innovative brand, it is normal that many other websites link it naturally. That Apple launches a new phone will translate into millions of links from other websites and newspapers that speak on the subject. Therefore, it is not natural for a new web page, with hardly any visibility, to be linked by many other websites in a short period of time.

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