Most case studies tell you nothing in the end, but this one is different.

They worked with three different types of sites: b2b lead generation, eCommerce, and the hospitality industry.

This covers a broad swath of sites, but as you’ll see, there are quite a few areas where their SEO strategies are similar.

Here’s how they went about streamlining their practices:

  • Optimize Crawl Budget:

This is something you should do on a regular basis. If you’re new at this, crawling is how search engines index your website’s content. To optimize your crawl budget, you’ll want to remove pages with less than 500 words of content, (or include them in your “robots.txt” file, which tells search engines which pages they should not attempt to crawl;) get rid of query parameters (These pages will make Google think you’ve got a bunch of duplicate content, which can really hurt your SERP;) boost your index rate (this is the ratio of pages that Google actually indexes versus the number of pages on your site. Don’t forget to put 301 redirects on duplicate pages to make sure Google won’t get mad at you for duplicate content.)

  • Clean up pages that target the same keywords:

Move all that content to one page, and get rid of any pages that have become obsolete.

  • Review the architecture of your site to determine if it supports internal linking. If so, take advantage of it on each page.
  • Route out rogue canonical tags. If you have pages that contain a canonical tag pointing to another URL on your site, those pages are effectively set to NoIndex.
  • Scour your site and check to see that all images are referenced via HTML in the Body area of the page. Don’t do it via CSS or Javascript.
  • Keep your backlinks fresh by adding a few per week at least – and make sure they’re from highly authoritative sites.)

This can be a challenge, but if you need help making it happen, just hit Reply and I’ll get on it.


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