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We have worked with hundreds of SEO clients from local business to multinational companies targeting local or national rankings. Here We’re going to share some of the recent results we have achieved for my clients. We don’t focus on ranking just few specific keywords. Our goal is always targeting all possible relevant keywords. For these projects, our primary focus has been SEO. Besides, we have been heavily involved in technical aspects like On-Site SEO, UX Improvement, Social Media Strategy building, Ad campaign management and Consulting.

Showcase of Recent Backlinks – SEO Campaigns

0 to 4000 Users within 3 Months

After start a website in July 2018 I was looking for new strategies to get more users. I tried everything I knew ex: paid ads, but I wish I had more budget to continue my experiments. I did not get the results. Then I was introduced to SEO and Backlinks, and here it all began. Trying to get backlinks naturally as everyone tells you is like when you are a fish and trying to climb a mountain, especially when you are new to internet marketing. I tried and tried with no luck. Then I started buying backlinks, and I think there is no known way that I did not try. I used many service websites. Dealing with the sellers that were offering their services was a nightmare, not clear, not honest, and not good. Then I saw ad somewhere and said this was the last shot that I will try, and I invested a small amount of money to try. What I love about the company they  always help if you had any problem, they care for their customers much and have outstanding customer support. And the best part is the result I got – awesome! I got more traffic than I expected! Taking into consideration the investment and lack of experience I can now make money from my business.

How I got from the Second Page to the Second Place on Google Search

I started using services on January 23, 2017. Obtained results:

1. “boat graphics new orleans” From page 2 to the second place on Google search:

Sales of the boat graphics services have increased by 270%. From 4 to 11 sales per week.

2. “signs new orleans” From the eighth to third place.

3. “banners new orleans” From page 2 to the third place on Google search.

4. “metal letter signs new orleans” First 4 lines on Google search

How I Got 187% of Traffic Increase and 102 Keywords in Google Top 20 with Only A Backlinks Package

According to SEMrush and AuthorityLabs, now has 187 keywords in USA Google Top 20 search results.

According to, has more than 200% of traffic growth for the past 3 months:

How Steven Got the Google Top 10 Rankings for 12 Keywords in Only 3 Months

Hi Thanks to I have been able to rank for a highly competitive keyword “Maths Tutor” and have managed to get new customers. My organic traffic has subsequently increased. I am very pleased with the results that I have had so far. My website ranks in the top 10 of Google for math tuition, maths tutor, online maths tuition. Thanks

Steven Britton According to SEMrush and AuthorityLabs, now has 30 keywords in the Top 20 search results:

The graph below shows the growth of the rankings durig the last 3 months:

The search engine traffic has increased from 0 to 144 visitors per day on average and keeps growing according to SEMRush:

SuperGeek Australia


Type: SEO, Backlinks Building

Target: Australia

Overall Organic Search Traffic Growth: 505% (Jan 2016 to Jan 2018)

Organic Keywords: 3.1k

Traffic Cost: $28.2k

Granite Depot


Type: SEO Strategy & Backlinks Building

Target: Savannah, Evans GA and Ridgeland, SC.

Overall Organic Search Traffic Growth: 3200% (Jul 2017 to Mar 2018)

Organic Keywords: 705

Traffic Cost: $991

N:B Currently, We are working on rebranding.

Corporate Data Recovery


Type: SEO Strategy & Backlinks Building

Target: Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney

Overall Organic Search Traffic Growth: 1012% (Jan 2017 to Jan 2018)

Organic Keywords: 388

Traffic Cost: $2.2k


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