Link Building: A Down and Dirty Guide

So, you’re ready to do some link building on your own. Be advised: Doing so requires lots of time, effort and patience, but it’s certainly doable if you believe it’s a wise use of your resources. To get your efforts off on the right foot, here are seven tried-and-true techniques that should help you build your backlink profile. Keep reading…

1- Create Your Link Building Base

Before we get into link building techniques, you need to put some thought into what exactly you’re going to ask other sites to link to. No one is going to want to link directly to your sales page, so you’ll need to create some content that will make it worth their while. If it’s content-rich, they will come. In some cases, this can be your homepage, but most of the time, it’s going to be a blog post or a page with some sort of informational content that’s relevant and helpful to folks in your niche. If there’s something you posted that gets a lot of love on social media, that’s a perfect link building asset; if not, you’ll just have to create one.

2- Guest Posts

Guest posting seems like a lost art these days, but it’s still quite an effective means of link building. The idea here is to leverage your expertise to post on a popular blog. Inevitably, that post will have a link that leads back to your site. Just make sure that you only pitch blogs that are in your niche, or the link you’ll get won’t do you much good.

To get started, just search for subjects that you know are particularly important to anyone in your industry. The first results you’ll see are going to be the blogs on which you want to post, so give them a browse. Some won’t allow guest posting, but many will. Be sure to read the guest posting policy and follow it to a T. Nothing annoys bloggers like prospective guest authors who don’t read the rules before they email. Once you create your first successful post, it’ll get easier, and guest posting is a great way to populate your backlink profile – especially in the beginning.

3- Get Backlinks from Link Roundups

Link roundups are a way for people to put a bunch of links to quality content all in the same place. Sound like something that could help you? They’re usually published weekly or monthly, and if you’ve got the content they like, getting in on the link train is usually pretty simple.

First, just Google “<your niche> link roundup” and see what you find.

Then, fire off an email to the author with the reasons why you ought to be included in the next roundup. Convince them, and you’ve got a quality backlink!

4- Fix Broken Links

No one wants a lot of broken links on their site, so most webmasters appreciate people who warn them about such things. It also happens to be an easy way to score some backlinks.

Your best bet to find broken links is going to be Resource pages in your niche. Lots of websites try to link to helpful sites in which their visitors might be interested. The problem is: They put together these pages and then forget about them. Before long, they’re a graveyard of broken links.

So, do a little pruning for them. Mention which links are broken, and then politely suggest that if they want to link to somewhere reliable, they ought to add you. Presto!

5- Eye Candy

Everyone loves eye candy, hence the success of Instagram and Ticktock. Infographics are another item that seems a bit like a lost art nowadays, but they can and do generate lots of backlinks.

To make this work, of course, you’ll need to publish an interesting infographic that gets people in your niche atwitter. With proper promotion through social media, you’ll have lots of bloggers linking back to your infographic in short order.

6- Testify

Here’s something that’s surprisingly successful and quite simple if you don’t mind buying and testifying to the effectiveness of another product in your niche. If that’s not possible, you can branch out and simply submit testimonials for any product that you love. In order to verify it’s you, they’ll want a link to your website, and that, is backlinking gold!

7- Get Reviewed

Conversely, you can earn a boatload of backlinks by asking influential people to review your product or service.

First, search for bloggers who typically review offerings like yours. Then you need to do a little blogger outreach.

These bloggers get a ton of solicitations, so it’s best to keep yours short and sweet. The trick is: You need to offer your product or service for free. This makes sense for infoproducts but isn’t as straightforward if you sell expensive software or detailed consulting services. But if you can make it work, say something like:

Hey, after browsing your blog, it looks like you’re particularly interested in xxx. As it happens, I have a product that should be right up your alley. I usually charge x, but I’d love for you to give it a spin at no cost. Sound good?

If they’re passionate about your niche, they’ll probably take you up on it. The best part of this kind of backlink is that not only do you get the link itself, you typically get a bunch of social media buzz at the same time. You could even go viral!

Link To Me, Please

Lots of times, people will mention your company but not bother to actually make that mention a link that points to you. With a simple email, you can usually get them to hop into their CMS real quick and do you a favor. But how do you find these brand mentions?

BuzzSumo and come in real handy here. They’ll help you detect whenever someone mentions your brand anywhere on the web by letting you know whenever something comes up with your company attached.

Then, you just do a quick check to determine whether they dotted their I’s and actually linked back to your site.

If not, simply send them an email.

Thank them for mentioning your brand and ask if they’d mind doing you a favor and making that mention a link. It’s as simple as that!

Boost Your Backlink Profile

Hopefully, that got you started on creating a robust backlink profile. Best of luck to you on your next link-building campaign. If you read through that and decided it would be more trouble than you have time for, or you don’t want to rely on luck for the success of your next link-building campaign, why not rely on us instead?

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