Trusted Experts

Getbacklinks.net is filled with experienced, talented team members who bring a lot of skills to the table. From dedicated SEO strategists to creative web designers, we have the people who can plan and execute the right plan for your company.

Richard L. Harris
Founder & CEO

Richard L. Harris is a veteran expert in search engine optimization and the digital marketing industry. With nearly 25 years of experience, Richard has successfully built a multi-service operation at GetBacklinks.net, Inc., developing proprietary technologies through complex strategic solutions. He has extensive experience in key initiatives and operational responsibilities grounded in information technology and performance management.

Thomas T. Potter
Project Manager

Thomas was born and raised in San Jose. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in History at the University of San Jose. After college Thomas helped make sketch comedy videos which have been seen by millions of people. Thomas has worked in digital marketing for over 7 years now. He has helped small businesses in healthcare to large companies like Coca Cola, Bank of America, Nike, and Kohl’s grow their online presence.

Janet M. Kilpatrick
Digital Project Manager

Janet was born and raised in San Jose county. In 2013 she received a bachelor’s degree in Communication from San Jose State University. Her specialty is in local search and social media, she help’s many of our clients spruce up their social media pages. In her time off, Janet loves to bake, hang out with her cat and go running. She has completed the Ragnar Relay Series 4 times and the Silver Strand Half Marathon twice.

Jason T. Banks
Founder & CTO

Jason T. Banks is the technical lead at GetBacklinks.net, Jason is involved in developing and maintaining GetBacklinks.net’s network infrastructure. This N-tier infrastructure includes VMware virtualization, Microsoft Active Directory, network load balancing, firewalls, SQL high availability solutions, security policies, backup/recovery solutions, network monitoring, and reporting.

Jean S. Rivera
Digital Project Manager

Jean is a graduate of the University of Los Angeles with a background in Digital Marketing and Brand management. Jean working in Marketing industry for over 7 years and she left a successful Los Angeles startup to join Getbacklinks.net. as a junior project coordinator.

Patrick L. Bagby
Senior SEO Analyst

Patrick L. Bagby has been working in the Internet Marketing industry for over 7 years now, and is an asset to GetBacklinks.net Patrick started at GetBacklinks.net wearing many hats within the company, contributing and directing multifarious roles. He has since transitioned into being the Senior SEO Analyst / Linking Director / Brand Specialist & Google Link Penalty Guru for GetBacklinks.net.

Bruce S. Tutt

Bruce S. Tutt cultivated an appreciation for words and writing from his local library, where he worked for over ten years. From an early age, Bruce learned to work as part of a team, a skill he would carry into his job as a part-time bookkeeper and drumming instructor at a local independent music school for several years. Recently, Bruce graduated from Nevada University with a degree in History and Writing, and he is a very welcome addition to GetBacklinks.net. as a full-time copywriter.

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