Why Link Building is Critical to Draw Organic Traffic to Your Site

Recently, we learned definitively just how important link building is in order to bring organic traffic to your site.  Here’s how.

There are plenty of sites out there with loads of quality content. Many companies create blogs and go to the trouble of posting to them regularly with content that could be very helpful to anyone in their target audience. Yet, aside from those rare visitors that actually take the time to check out the company blog while they’re browsing the site, all this painstakingly created content just sits there unread. Not only is this a waste of your resources as a company; it turns out it doesn’t even help you draw traffic from elsewhere.

To prove this point, a business recently created 26 pieces of engaging and highly-optimized content over a six-month period. They made no effort to promote that content. Then, they waited a further six months to see whether their site would attract any visitors on the basis of the content alone. It did not.

The Power of Link Building

This void of traffic prompted them to begin a link building campaign. In their case, they had content already written that could serve as a landing point for anyone interested in what they had created. The first thing to do was to identify which pieces of content they thought would be particularly valuable to their target audience in the health niche.

Now the question was: Who out there would be willing to link to them? It takes significant time and effort to create and execute an outreach strategy, but if done right, it can put your site on the map in a big way. Through an aggressive campaign, they were able to find a bevy of websites interested in pointing their visitors to this valuable content, and the result paid huge dividends.

How Did Their Link Building Strategy Help Their SERP?

Organic traffic to their site increased by an unheard of 2,000%. That was enough to catapult their SERP to #1 for a whopping 2245 keywords.

Why did this work so well? Search engines are smart these days. They can determine whether the page being linked to on your site is relevant to the site linking to it. If it is, that page is more likely to rise up the search engine rankings. This is an extreme example of what a tenacious link-building campaign did for a particular company, but no doubt you can imagine how it could apply to yours.

Backlinks with Getbacklinks

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