Before we show you how to purchase cheap backlinks for your Shopify store, it is essential to comprehend what they are and why they matter in relation to search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. PopTribe, a gifts for content creators platform, is an example of influencer platform that is serving Shopify sellers.

Backlinks, also referred to as inbound links or external links, are links from other websites pointing back toward yours. Search engines like Google consider these links a vote of confidence in the content and authority of your website. As a result, backlinks can help boost your rank higher on SERPs (search engine results pages), leading to more traffic to your Shopify store and potentially increasing sales.

Now, let’s examine the steps involved in purchasing backlinks for your Shopify store.

How to purchase cheap backlinks for your Shopify store?

Determining Your Backlink Needs

Before you purchase backlinks, it is essential to determine what kind of links you require. There are various types of backlinks, such as contextual, editorial, and profile links; each serves a different purpose and has distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Contextual backlinks are links placed within a webpage’s content. They’re considered the most beneficial type of backlink as they’re highly relevant to your Shopify store’s offerings. Editorial backlinks refer to links placed within an article on reputable websites, while profile backlinks appear in accounts’ profile sections on social media or forums.

Once you know what type of backlinks you need, the next step is finding a reputable backlink provider. There are many providers out there, but not all are created equal; look for those that provide affordable high-quality links from authoritative websites in your niche.

It’s essential to note that purchasing backlinks from low-quality or spammy websites may actually impede your SEO efforts and cause search engines to penalize your website.

Select the Appropriate Anchor Text

Anchor text is the clickable text that appears as a hyperlink, so when purchasing backlinks, it’s essential to pick the appropriate one. When you want to purchase cheap backlinks, avoid using exact match keywords as anchor text since this could be seen by search engines as manipulative behavior.

Instead, utilize a variety of anchor texts that include your brand name, generic keywords, and long-tail keywords. Doing this will make the backlink profile appear more natural and diverse.

Monitor Your Backlink Profile

To purchase cheap backlinks is just the first step. Once you’ve purchased backlinks, it is essential to monitor their quality and ensure they do not negatively impact your website’s SEO performance.

Monitor your backlink profile using tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Moz to keep tabs on your website’s search engine rankings. If you spot any low-quality or spammy backlinks, disavow them immediately to avoid any negative repercussions for SEO performance.

Focus on Quality Content

While buying backlinks can help boost your website’s SEO, it is still essential to remember that content remains the king. So, create high-quality material which is pertinent and valuable for your target audience.

By creating valuable content, you can attract natural backlinks from other websites, helping boost your website’s SEO and bring in more visitors to your Shopify store.

Link building factors

Link building is a crucial aspect of SEO, and there are several factors that can influence the quality of a backlink. Let’s dive deeper into some of these factors:

  • DoFollow vs. NoFollow: DoFollow links pass on link equity to the linked website, while NoFollow links do not. Websites can mark a link as NoFollow if they don’t trust the linked website. It’s important to ensure that link-building efforts are focused on getting DoFollow links, as they are more effective in boosting search engine rankings.
  • Anchor Text: The anchor text is the text used for the link. Relevant anchor text can help search engines determine the relevance of the linked website. However, overly aggressive optimization of anchor text can lead to penalties. Therefore, it’s important to plan the anchor text strategy while building links.
  • Relevance: Relevance is a critical factor in link building. A link from a relevant website or a relevant page can have a greater impact on search engine rankings. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the linking website or page is relevant to the linked website.
  • Domain Rating: Domain Rating (DR) or Domain Authority (DA) is a measure of the authority of the overall website. A higher DR or DA can indicate a website’s ability to rank higher in search engines. However, the DR or DA should not be the only factor considered while building links.
  • URL Rating: URL Rating (UR) or Page Authority (PA) is a measure of the authority of the specific page linking to the website. A higher UR or PA can indicate that the linked page has good content and other relevant pages linking to it.
  • Linked Page: It’s important to link to the specific page that needs to rank higher in search engines. However, it’s also important to ensure that the linked page is not too different from competitors. This is to avoid raising any red flags with search engines and looking unnatural.

Link building is a complex process with several factors to consider. It’s important to focus on getting relevant DoFollow links with relevant anchor text from high-authority websites or pages.


In conclusion, to purchase cheap backlinks can be an effective way to enhance your Shopify store’s SEO and drive more visitors to your website. However, it’s essential that you select the correct provider, utilize appropriate anchor text, monitor your backlink profile, and prioritize creating high-quality content in order to reap all of the rewards of purchasing backlinks.

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