How Do I Get My Website To Show Up On Google? 5 Reasons Must Know

How do I get my website to show up on Google?

by July 18, 2019

How do I get my website to show up on Google?

How do I get my website to show up on Google?

It’s a simple question, but how to put your website on Google Search?

Nowadays in the SEO world, backlinks play a very important role. If you do not get external links in a natural way for your original content or for yourself, you will not get a good web positioning.

Links are a fundamental part of web positioning since you can give authority to your domain. If you do not have links pointing to your website you are overdue, Google will not take you seriously. Let’s analyze how backlinks help web positioning.

What are the Backlinks?

We define them as any incoming link that points to your website. So if you get another web page with different domains to put a link in any of your pages pointing to yours, you have a backlink.

Difference between Backlink and Referring Domain?

It is very important to be clear about these two concepts since we can see these two terms in many SEO tools. Many people are not clear about the difference, and it is necessary to know its meaning, to make a correct strategy of incoming links.

It may be the case that several incoming links point to your website from the same domain. We will have a series of backlinks and a single referring domain.

Let’s give an example: Our cooking website is linked by another cooking website for 3 links. Then we will have 3 backlinks that point to our website but with only one Referring Domain.

It is better to have many links from different domains than many links from a single domain. So when they tell you that the web has a number of backlinks, it will be convenient to analyze the most important, how many different domains exist between these links.

Get Backlinks – Do Follow / Nofollow:

It is important to distinguish the two types of external links that are the Follow and the No Follow.

Follow (DoFollow):

Also called DoFollow. It is the most important of the two Backlinks since it transmits part of the authority of the source page to the destination page.

In other words, if a web page makes a link that points to your website, it means that it is part of the authority of your page. Then Google scores it because it deduces that your content is relevant.


The nofollow links are characterized because they do not transmit authority to the destination page. Some you will ask right now, so what are they for? Well, very easy, there will be times that we are interested in making links without transmitting authority, due to which the page is considered unsafe.

It is important to emphasize that if you have a Follow link to your website, and the page that links to Google penalizes it, then you will also be harmed.

That is why, if you are sure that they are quality websites, it is always better to have Nofollow links. There is also another possibility that you are interested in not having these types of links.

It would be the case that you have many Follow links, and you need to have Nofollow links so that Google does not see it illogical, and see an artificial pattern to penalize. It will benefit you only, in the traffic that can attract to your web. Many professionals recommend having 60% Follow and 40% Nofollow.

How do Get High Quality Backlinks help to web positioning?

Now that we know what they are, differences, and what types we have, we will see how backlinks help web positioning. Although internal links are important as they improve the user experience, and therefore SEO positioning, external links are even more important. External links are better valued by Google since they are more difficult to obtain.

It is not enough to get backlinks and that’s it. They have to be of quality, of the same theme, that link pages with authority, and that they are from different Referring Domain.

Quality of the origin page:

It is important that the pages that link backlinks are of quality because if they do not have quality content for Google, it will not help. So as we have said before, if it is better quality than the link, do not follow.

So If You Don’t Want To Ask “How do I get my website to show up on Google?”

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