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Get backlinks – Where to get high-quality backlinks?

by July 17, 2019

Get backlinks – Where to get high-quality backlinks?

The backlinks for SEO are key in the strategy off-the-page of your business. Therefore, we have written for you this post where you will find valuable information on what the backlinks are for SEO and how you can get backlinks?

Of course, to be able to take full advantage of them, it is advisable to prepare a strategy and have enough knowledge to avoid being penalized.

What are the backlinks links and why are they key to your SEO strategy?

The backlinks for SEO are inbound links to your website that come from an external page. That is if in the web X insert a link to your website we would say that you have a backlink.

This, in principle, has linked you because it considers that your content is excellent and improves or extends its own texts. Therefore, it is logical that this is one of the factors that Google takes more into account.

What before going to a restaurant and ask Tripadvisor reviews and do not see a movie without taking a look at the rating of Filmaffinity? Well, Google works the same way you do. It relies on the backlinks to determine if your website is interesting or not worth paying close attention.

In addition, these generate an increase in traffic and page authority that directly affect the sales of your products or services.

How to get backlinks using the best techniques?

Ok, so now you know what SEO backlinks are, but you’re probably wondering how to get backlinks. Then you will find several very effective techniques with which you will surely get the best links.

Methods to get free backlinks:

There are several techniques that you can put into practice to achieve SEO backlinks without spending a single euro. These have in common that, if implemented correctly, they are extraordinarily effective in obtaining excellent links.

Guest posting:

This is one of the most used and, without doubt, one of the most recommended obtaining backlinks for SEO. It consists of studying blogs with good authority and contents similar to ours and offering to write a guest author post on them.

It is a win to win in every rule, these blogs achieve quality content and you get one or two links Do follow. Always, before putting the first letter in the text, you should ask what the guest author rules that have been determined are. In this way, you will be able to adapt to these requirements and then not pose problems to your publication.

As if this were not enough, it is also an excellent opportunity to make contacts with other experts and companies with whom to share synergies in the future.

Link to other blogs in the sector:

Before launching this technique you should analyze thoroughly if it suits you, but sometimes a good way to get backlinks for SEO is to take the initiative. That is to say, that you are the one who links first to that page that interests you so much that you put a link to it.

Build strong relationships with other professionals:

These will allow bloggers to instinctively take your content into account when linking their texts and, even, you can directly ask them to enter a link that interests you.

Create good content on your blog:

It seems very obvious, but not all companies take it into account. We assure you that, if you publish interesting texts that solve problems and allow you to delve into certain areas, you will link other websites naturally.

To do this, you must know what your audience is looking for and offer quality content that interests them. Another tip that we recommend you to follow is that you leave aside the improvisation and plan with time each one of your posts. Believe us, you can tell the difference.

Here we must add that all the above ways are extremely tough and time taking to get and still you cannot trust 100% of those backlinks.

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