Were you pigeonholed?


In 2014, Google’s Pigeon update to their algorithm threw many sites for a loop.

That includes this unidentified airline, which saw the vast majority of their non-branded pages tumble to the bottom or outright disappear from rankings.

Now that’s a disaster that can take time to recover from.

Plus, they had to contend with the intense search engine marketing done by online travel agency sites such as Travelocity, Priceline, Expedia, and Orbits.

A large focus needed to be placed on detail-specific pages that were very relevant to the brand’s offering and had a high search intent but were also not going to automatically lose out to OTAs.

The idea was to find niche terms that had enough combined search volume to generate highly qualified organic traffic that could and would convert to counteract the loss that the client had seen.

This is where competitor keyword research is your best friend.

Year-over-year organic keyword ranking for the site increased consistently as new pages were optimized for the key route terms, driving significant increases in traffic for those specific pages.

The site gained 242 new organic Page One ranking with a combined monthly search volume of 181,470 and an average increase in rankings of over 157%. Organic traffic for new route pages increased by 679% and revenue increased by 431% between September and April. There was a direct correlation between the number of organic keywords ranked, their rank increasing over time, the amount of traffic that was brought in, and the revenue generated from it.

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