When you buy SEO backlink, you boost your website’s search engine rankings. However, not all links are created equal in the eyes of Google. There are many things Google considers when deciding how valuable a link is.

Here at Getbacklinks, we understand the importance of building strong and relevant links for your website. We want to help your website become the best it can be regarding rankings. While getting more backlinks can improve your rankings, it’s important to be careful because it can also hurt all the hard work you’ve put into your SEO.

When you’re thinking about potential backlinks for your site, make sure to keep these factors in mind:

1. Buy SEO Backlink that is Relevant

Google always aims to show you search results that make sense, so it’s no surprise that relevance is a key factor in judging the quality of a backlink.

Getting a backlink from a source that’s related to your topic is much better than other kinds of backlinks. This shows Google that you’re playing by the rules and not doing anything shady to get those links.

Now, when Google checks for relevance, it looks at a few different things:

  • The whole website that the link comes from.
  • The specific page where the link is found.
  • The words around the link (we call that the ‘anchor text’).

All of these factors help Google decide if a backlink is really on-topic.

2. Buy SEO Backlink with Higher Domain Authority

It’s clear that when a backlink comes from a top-notch website, it’s a top-notch backlink. When you get backlinks from these high-authority sites, Google also starts seeing your website as authoritative.

Another reason Google likes authority websites is that they don’t just hand out backlinks to anyone. So, if you’ve snagged one, chances are your website has some really valuable stuff to offer.

3. Anchor Text

The words you use in the link (that you can click on) also matter a lot for the quality of the link. The link becomes better if those words are the same or related to your main keyword.

But it’s not a good idea to use the exact same keyword as the link words too many times. Google doesn’t like that, and it can actually hurt your website. So, it’s smart to mix it up and use different words related to your keyword in the links.

For example, if your main keyword is ‘car rental services,’ it’s good to use words like ‘car rental’ or ‘cars for rent’ in your links instead.

4. Buy SEO Backlink That Is Placed High on The Page

Even though Google checks everything on a website, lots of experts in the field think that links higher up on a page get more attention. So, if your link is tucked away in the footer or on the sidebar, people might see it as an ad. This could end up harming your website and making your rankings drop.

5. Spammy backlinks

Google really doesn’t like those spammy links. You’ll probably get into trouble if your website has too many of them. But what exactly counts as a spam link? Well, it’s typically a link from a not-so-great website that doesn’t relate to your content and has lots of links to other random places. Trying to buy these links is like a bad shortcut, and it’ll hurt your rankings on search engines. While it might look like a fast and easy way to get links, it’ll only help you for a little while, leading to bad outcomes.

6. Dofollow vs. Nofollow

Google treats follow and no-follow links in a quite distinct way. A follow link plays a big role in your SEO, and it can boost your website’s page rankings. On the other hand, a no-follow link usually has more indirect effects on your site. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it won’t give your rankings a direct lift. Instead, it can bring in extra traffic to your site. It’s a good idea to have a mix of both follow and no-follow links to keep things healthy for your website.

7. A Backlink That is Not Easy to Acquire

As we mentioned earlier, the best backlinks are the ones that are hard to get. If a backlink can be easily grabbed in just a few minutes, chances are many others, including your competitors, have already taken it. That’s why it’s not worth going after such backlinks. Search engines don’t value them much, considering them low-quality.

On the flip side, if a backlink is challenging to obtain, it’s less likely that others have it. This is what makes Google view them as high quality. So, when you encounter a website that isn’t giving away backlinks easily, it’s worth putting in the effort to get one. In the end, it will boost the quality of your backlink profile.

So, now that you know which backlinks boost your website the most, contact us to discuss a personalized strategy for your business. There is a backlinks package for every firm.