Dofollow blogs and forums make use of the Dofollow attribute, contributing to the enhancement of your backlinks and the sharing of link love. When you receive link juice from a high Domain Authority (DA) blog or forum, it can significantly benefit your blog by improving its Google ranking. But where to start? Which forums are worth the effort? In this guide, we share 30 forums for backlinks worth your time and effort.

Being active in a niche forum that permits Dofollow backlinks is particularly advantageous. This secures a quality link to your site and attracts targeted traffic. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of Dofollow forums with elevated Domain Authority to assist you in maximizing these benefits.

Are Forums a viable way to get backlinks?

Backlinks are essential in the realm of digital marketing. The answer to whether online forums allowing do-follow links are valuable for a robust link-building strategy is a definite yes. However, not all links built on forums hold value; spamming forums with irrelevant links can harm your SEO efforts and lead to penalties from Google.

Forums allowing do-follow links are beneficial for several reasons:

  • They drive traffic to a website by providing direct access to a diverse audience interested in various industry topics.
  • Forums offer a valuable opportunity to build trustworthy relationships with influencers and decision-makers in your industry, increasing the chances of earning high-authority backlinks.

It’s crucial to recognize that not all forums provide the same benefits. Inactive forums, those lacking niche specificity, and those permitting only no-follow links contribute minimally to your business’s SEO success. Choosing the right forums is key to reaping the full advantages of a strategic link-building approach.

30 Best Forums for Backlinks (Dofollow)

Sr URL Name
1 Site Owners Forum
2 Joomla! Forum
3 Online Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Forum
4 Web development and Design Community
5 MySQL Forums
6 Warrior Forum – Digital Marketing Forum
7 BlackHatWorld
8 Webmaster World SEO Forum
9 Deviantart Forum
10 Buy, Sell, and Talk Domain Names
11 File Sharing Discussions
12 PhpBB Forum Software Community
13 Web Hosting Talk Community
14 Oracle Communities
15 GenToo Forums
16 Internet Marketing Forum, SEO & Marketplace
17 Affiliate Marketing Forum
18 Information Technology Forum
19 MarketingPros Forum
20 Affiliate Marketing, SEO, and Internet Marketing Forum
21 Wilder’s Security Forum
22 Bleeping Computer Technical Support Forum
23 Computer Hardware Community
24 Performance Computing Community
25 CCleaner Community
26 Small Business Forums
27 WordReference Language Forum
28 GMAT Club – Educational Forum
29 SEO Forum
30 Home Design Discussions

How do you Get Do-Follow Forum Backlinks?

If you want to get do-follow forum backlinks, follow these simple steps to boost your website’s visibility:

  • Choose Relevant Forums: Look for your niche or industry forums. Joining forums where your target audience hangs out increases the chances of valuable backlinks.
  • Create a Profile: Set up a complete and genuine profile on the forum. This builds trust among other members and moderators.
  • Participate Actively: Engage in discussions and contribute helpful comments. Being an active member increases the likelihood of others checking out your profile.
  • Find Signature Options: Some forums allow you to include a link in your signature. Take advantage of this feature, but make sure to check and adhere to the forum’s rules.
  • Start Threads and Share Insights: Initiate new discussions and share your knowledge. Others may link back to your website when they find your threads valuable.
  • Follow Forum Guidelines: Each forum has specific rules. Respect them to avoid penalties or bans. Adhering to guidelines ensures a positive and lasting presence.
  • Be Genuine and Helpful: Focus on genuinely helping others rather than just promoting your website. Building relationships can lead to natural backlinks over time.
  • Utilize “Do-Follow” Sections: Some forums have specific sections that allow “do-follow” links. Identify these areas and contribute meaningfully to gain backlinks.
  • Monitor Your Links: Keep track of your forum activities and check if they result in backlinks. This helps you understand what strategies work best.
  • Stay Consistent: Building backlinks takes time. Be patient, stay consistent, and continue contributing positively to the forum community.

Following these straightforward steps can effectively secure do-follow backlinks forum and enhance your website’s online presence.

Benefits of Nofollow Backlinks for Targeted Traffic and Brand Exposure

Even though Nofollow links may not convey traditional SEO advantages, they can generate traffic for your website. When thoughtfully inserted into forum posts, these links draw in genuinely interested users in the ongoing discussion.

Nofollow forum backlinks also play a role in boosting brand visibility. Users can click these links to navigate your website to explore and discover more about your offerings. In essence, these links become a valuable avenue for referral traffic, potentially converting visitors into customers.

Final Words

These 30 forums present excellent opportunities for acquiring Dofollow backlinks through active participation and valuable contributions. Remember to adhere to forum guidelines, engage authentically, and strategically incorporate links to maximize the benefits of these valuable backlink opportunities.

Finally, remember that diversifying your backlink profile is key. Don’t just get forum backlinks. Learn more about our exclusive backlink packages and take the first step towards online success. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and discover why our strategies work.