Google’s algorithm has received updates that focus a lot on health and wellness websites. The stakes are high if you’re a healthcare professional looking to boost your website’s ranking. Whether you practice alternative medicine, energy healing, or holistic medicine, showcasing your expertise, authority (to buy SEO links for Holistic Health included), and trustworthiness in your field is crucial. Don’t let it intimidate you; when it comes to SEO, it’s smart to approach it strategically to improve your chances of ranking naturally over time.

Let’s dive into how you can achieve this by examining the signals Google bots might be searching for to determine if:

  • You have expertise.
  • You Have authority.
  • And you are a reliable source of accurate information.

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1. What makes you an expert?

Let’s start by addressing the recognition of Expertise Signals. These signals come into play when the author of website content is seen as a true “expert” in their field.

  • Authorship and Credentials: In healthcare, your articles must be written or verified by accredited and qualified experts to rank well in search results. If your articles lack clear authorship or fail to demonstrate the author’s credentials, they may struggle to climb the rankings. To boost your ranking, ensure that all your healthcare articles online have clear bylines that prominently display the author’s name. In these bylines, be sure to mention your credentials and any noteworthy achievements in your field.
  • Expertly Crafted or Reviewed Content: If you’re not entirely confident in your credentials, that’s perfectly fine. You can consider having your work reviewed and endorsed by experts. This step can make Google view your content as trustworthy and reliable. Alternatively, you can specialize in a very narrow niche within your field and position yourself as a Subject Matter Expert (SME). Create original and valuable content that provides specific advice within your chosen specialty. This demonstrates your in-depth experience and ability to discuss the topic knowledgeably and accurately, even if it’s highly focused.

2. What makes you an authority in your field?

Google carefully examines your brand, website, and content to determine if it’s skillfully crafted and if authoritative information is readily accessible. Here are key signals that Google’s bots consider as indications of authority.

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Backlinks on the internet act like referrals in the offline world. Google interprets the sharing and referencing of links as endorsements of quality, trustworthiness, and authority. In response, your webpage gains better visibility in search results.

Generally, the more links pointing to your website, the more authoritative it seems. However, not all backlinks carry the same weight. Some have a modest impact, while others yield significant results. For instance, a backlink from an obscure website won’t have as much influence as a mention on a relevant and highly authoritative site.

To attract high-quality backlinks, focus on creating original and valuable content. This strategy helps you gradually establish yourself in Google’s algorithms as the go-to expert on those topics.

Content Supported by Science

In addition to backlinks, you can link to credible and highly authoritative information sources. Outbound links to research studies or academic journals, particularly if they are .gov, .org, or .edu websites, are especially beneficial for improving search rankings.

Unfortunately, natural health websites, including those of alternative and holistic health practitioners, have faced challenges with Google due to claims unsupported by mainstream scientific evidence. This often happens because these sites tend to challenge conventional health consensus.

However, our following tips can help your natural health site avoid issues with Google ranking factors and present itself in the best possible light:

  • Ensure that articles are authored by experts or enthusiasts with deep knowledge of the topic. Create well-developed, substantial content, avoiding shallow writing.
  • Provide original content or information in your articles, including original reporting, research, or analysis. Avoid simply regurgitating existing information.
  • When dealing with potentially controversial topics, present both sides of the story in your writing.
  • Include a disclaimer on your website, informing readers that your health advice and recommendations are not meant to constitute medical advice or serve as a substitute for medical guidance.

3. How to increase your website’s trustworthiness

The concept of trust revolves around creating a feeling of safety and assurance. By presenting trust signals, you can alleviate the concerns of website visitors pondering whether to rely on a site’s information or services.

Here are some methods to enhance a website’s trustworthiness:

  • Accessibility: Make it easy for users to reach a real person associated with your business. The “Contact Us” page should display a current phone number, email address, and physical location. Also, humanize your brand by showcasing high-resolution photos of the owner and/or staff. People connect with people, not faceless logos.
  • Transparency: Display authentic and honest client reviews. These demonstrate the quality of your service and signal to Google that your site and services are trustworthy and valuable. Essentially, reputable businesses must meet their clients’ needs, as reflected in positive reviews. Furthermore, promptly address any online complaints about your products or services to prevent the brand from being tarnished by excessive negativity. If Google detects a poor reputation, your site’s ranking will drop.
  • Consistency: Consistent content creation fosters trust. The more content you produce, the more search queries your content can potentially rank for. According to Hubspot, companies that published 16 or more blog posts per month received nearly 3.5 times more traffic than those publishing between 0 and 4 posts monthly.

Buy SEO links for Holistic Health as part of a 3 Pillar Strategy: Takeaways

Buying SEO links is just one aspect of a holistic SEO strategy. To achieve comprehensive success in SEO, one must also focus on building expertise, authority, and trustworthiness signals. By prioritizing these three pillars, a website can enhance its visibility, credibility, and user trust, ultimately leading to improved search engine rankings and a stronger online presence.

If you’re just starting with SEO or you’re too busy to handle all its different parts, the Getbacklinks team can assist you. Look at our backlinks package and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.