Yes, you can.

I know, because that’s exactly what now-popular blogger Pete Laja did.

To do this, he counted on the … vanity … of top bloggers in his niche.

Let me explain:

Most linked-to content is over 2,000 words and is rich in images, lists, and videos.

Yes, it’s more time-consuming to create these kinds of articles, but it paid off for Pete, and data indicates it will pay off for you, especially when you share each post on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and any other niche-based social media – in Pete’s case it was Hacker News.

Because his posts were of such high quality, they came to the attention of key influencers, who in turn shared them with their followers. This created a groundswell of traffic without relying on search engines.

And the coup de grace…

He filled his blog posts with references to well-known bloggers and then let them know, via Twitter or email, that he had just mentioned them in a new blog post.

Again, given the quality of his posts, these people were thrilled to hear this and reacted accordingly, blasting the word out to their social media channels.

… And he prominently featured his newsletter on each of his blog posts, which netted him a priceless subscriber list.

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